Message from a wall in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv #Florentine #graffiti #throwback. I will be visiting next month, so let’s meet up #tbt #TLV #digitalnomad



People of Tel Aviv support Syrian refugees

Cold days and nights in Greece were on their way and this roof in the center of Tel Aviv acted as the temporary headquarters of a clothes and money donation campaign for the Syrian refugees. Tel Aviv, Fall 2016 #throwback

Age transitions ahead, keep calm and stick together

As inconvenient as it may seem, our generation lives in an age of accelerated change. My 2 cents: don’t fight it, because it’s like pushing back the sea, just stick together and surf the waves, like dolphins, and don’t sell out, ok? our future depends on you

Colorful message from the heavens

Israel, Winter 2016. Driving north through the rain and getting rainbow messages from every possible direction. I had a rough night before, so this was very comforting, like a message from god saying life is beatiful, so just take it easy and enjoy the ride